More than 1700 years ago Saint George slayed a source of evil in the form of a vile and demonic creature.  Shortly thereafter was formed The Order of Saint George. The Order’s members are dedicated to defeating supernatural evil and disarming and collecting objects of paranormal origins.

Through this site you can track their progress in documenting current and past investigations, their victories and their defeats.

Currently, the director of the Order is parapsychologist Vince Wilson, CH.  Vince is known for his unorthodox methods of using Order artifacts in public to reveal conspiracies, supernatural entities and paranormal phenomena. Recently, he has taken on an apprentice in his endeavors to uncover the world’s hidden truths and maintain the Order’s fight against evil.


There is a black market for the supernatural. For centuries psychically charged items have been traded in what was once known as the Dark Bazaar or “Shadow Bazaar”. By the 16th Century, the trade became known as the Shadow-Bizarre due to the strange nature of the items being sold.

Many cults and followers of darkness have partaken in the Shadow-Bizarre in attempts to control governments and even to bring about the end of the world!