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In 1863 one of the most haunting battles in American history occurred in Gettysburg, PA. Many tragedies happened those 3 fateful days. A battle that might not have happened if not for chance resulted in the deaths of 50,000 people! Of those 50,000 lost souls, but one unfortunate was a civilian.

A volunteer take a locket a real Civil War Bullet! They are told little about both in the beginning and that all will make sense soon.

The Patter: I have here 32 cabinet cards made for the 20th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg in 1883. The men and women on these cards are of those who lost loved ones on both sides in that fateful battle. It was not meant to be a set mind you. Each photo was to be individually given to family members at a grand ceremony held in Gettysburg on July 3rd, 1883. Copies were kept at the Adams County Historical Society Archives, the names never to be released for the sake of privacy and respect to their honor.
Here also are a locket and Minie ball, their significance to be revealed at the end of our "experiment" in psychometry. (The locket and Minie ball are handed to two volunteers)
I am going to hold these cards up one at a time to each of your separately. Please do not share the items or otherwise come in physical contact with one another in anyway. This would interfere with the experiment. I want you to look at each card and try to feel for an impression or connection. Hold the object and reach out. Do not overthink it! Go with your gut. We do not want to be here all night! Also, remember, if you chose, or reject, every card - this will not work. Ready? Let us begin!

Are you ready to have some secrets revealed? I must admit, I did not expect such divisive results! You sir/madam have the locket of Miss Jennie Wade's fiance, a Union soldier named Corporal "Jack" Skelly.

"Although you could not see from your perspective, I could see that you had made some startling chooses!"

You see, the locket you hold in your hand (the Union Cards volunteer) belonged to Johnston "Jack" Skelly, Jr. of the Union Army, the fiance of Ms. Jennie Wade. Jennie being the only civilian to die during the battle of Gettysburg. About 8:00 a.m. on July 3, Wade was kneading dough for bread when a Minnie ball traveled through the kitchen door and the parlor door of her sister's house and hit her. It pierced her left shoulder blade, went through her heart, and ended up in her corset. She was killed instantly. The shot was attributed it to an unknown Confederate sharpshooter.
So, yes, the Minie ball you hold in your hand (the Confederate Cards volunteer) is the same Minie ball that killed Jennie - on loan to us from the Adams County Historical Society. You see, this was an experiment in life and death. An experiment in history and the drama that is war. Thank you.

32 cards consisting of men and women who lived quiet normal lies until the War Between the States. Brothers, sisters, sons and daughters of the Union and Confederate forces. Torn apart by providence for a house divided against itself cannot stand!

These new cards are high quality cards similar in size to Tarot cards. They are very easy to transport and quite durable.

  • Cards are not gimmicked!
  • Can be examined at the end of the performance!
  • Will be divided into two seperate stacks - one for the North and one for the South - seemingly by free choice of 2 volunteers!
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Lincoln Davis The bullet that killed Jennie Wade! 32 high quality phots! See the division of North & South!