Odin’s Sacrifice


I admit I was inspired to make this illusion/effect by a custom item I purchased from Alchemy Moon’s table at ECSS III in January. However, I truly believe I have made this effect unique in its own way.

A box is revealed. It has a lid and a drawer. When opened, the mirrored lid reveals 3 carved wooden Runes. When the drawer is opened, nothing is inside.

“Choose your destiny for Odin sacrificed himself to himself so that the Aesir (the Gods of Asgard) and mankind may have knowledge of written words. There is strength in words and power in knowledge.”

The volunteer chooses and places the Rune on top of the wooden box.

“Gefinn Ooni!” (Old Norse for “Given to Odin)

“These Runes are carved from Yggdrasil – ‘The World Tree’ which connects the Nine Worlds of the Cosmos!”


  • Customized hand stained and painted antiqued wooden box with mirrored lid
  • Three customized hand crafted Runes with carrying pouch
  • Printed sheets with Rune symbols for creating customized reveals
  • Metal clips for the reveals
  • Emailed instructions

$50.00(+S&H – Please contact for prices regarding international shipping)


(“There stands an ash called Yggdrasil,
A mighty tree showered in white hail.
From there come the dews that fall in the valleys.
It stands evergreen above Urd’s Well.”)

When the drawer is opened again, an aged piece of paper appears held by a runic-shaped metal wire. Inside is the a prediction with the chosen rune imprinted upon it!


Maybe you prefer and Egyptian theme with Hieroglyphs instead of Runes? Perhaps you would like 3 Ripper suspects instead for your Whitechapel themed show? Let me know and we can talk about making your own customized box!